Commander Maria Hill

Deputy Director of SHIELD

Hill, Maria
14 January
External Services:
Name: Maria Hill
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 137lbs
Eye color: Blue/Green
Hair Color: Dark brown/black
Aliases: TBD
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthdate: January 14, 1983*
Current Location: Stationed on the SHIELD Helicarrier
      • Father: Estranged, unknown if still living
      • Mother: Deceased/died in childbirth
      • Siblings: none/unknown
Language(s)/Accents(s): TBD
Religion: Non-practicing Catholic*
Politics: Conservative/Republican*
Marital Status: Single
Lifestyle: Heterosexual
Education: High school, Oak Ridge Military Academy, West Point, USMC Boot Camp
Work History:
      • United States Marine Corps, Major, Military Intelligence
      • Stratgic Homeland Investigations Enforcement and Logistics Division
Career: Deputy Director of SHIELD
Nature: Calm, cool, collected / lawful good
Preferred Weapon(s): She sometimes uses various SHIELD devices in combat, however her handgun appears to be her weapon of choice.
Skills/Abilities: Maria Hill has no known super-powers, but she has undergone extensive SHIELD training, the extent of which is unknown. She is an effective commander, processing information from numerous sources and effectively commanding hundreds of agents. She has been known to use various SHIELD devices in combat.
On a frozen day in Chicago, Maria Hill was born, though her mother died in childbirth. Estranged from her father, she went on to prove herself as an independent SHIELD agent. Growing up, Maria was constantly ordered around by authority figures, including her father, the principal who expelled her, and her Marine Corps. Commanding Officer.

Much of Hill's personality is based half on movie canon and half on comic canon. First and foremost is that she has been and will always be a Marine. She may be with SHIELD now, but she will forever be a "Devil Dawg". Hill is not be the kind of yell-in-your-face Drill Sergeant like R. Lee Ermey. Her personality is much more akin to Kiefer Sutherland's character, Lt. Kendrick, in A Few Good Men. She's calm, cool and collected, but still comes off as abrasive at times.
  • Prefers being called "Hill" rather than "Maria" because of her time in the Marines and the Maria song from The Sound of Music
  • Does not like having people in her personal space
  • Doesn't watch much in the way of sports, but makes an exception for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.
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